I’ve taken the time and i finally decorated the bases on the 5 Ultramarines I had from Assault on Black Reach Starter Set, so here they are:

Tricky bases with those ditches in the middle, but it turned out ok.


Well Hello there!

I’ve been thinking about my Scout squad and it does not bode well for them, they’re going to be left to rot, maybe stripped of the paint currently covering them and repainted (that’s the plan anyway).

But until I do that I’ve started an Assault Squad that should pretty much be finished in about 3 weeks (again, that’s the plan). For now I’ve just assembled the 5 members and decorated their bases. I’m planing to spray-paint an undercoat soon. So here’s the pics for the assembled squad and 4 of the bases:

After the Assault on Black Reach Starter Set I never realized how many parts I would need to assemble to get only one marine done (it’s about 8 ) and thus I was not prepared for the amount of glue I had to inhale… I found it a pain in the ass to get the amount of glue just right as to not spill all over the “visible” parts of the models, and in most cases that was a bust as the glue spilled all over.

Also having been told that mold lines look absolutely horrendous on painted minis I tried to get those out before assembling, wich is a good idea, but wich is detrimental to my health because I’m not the type of guy that inhales plastic dust and likes it.

Next for these guys is the painting, which should be fun.

Hi there!

To start my army i bought one box of Sniper Scouts and one box of Assault Marines. Now I intend to make my own paint scheme and needed testing, so I started with the Scouts to see some colour on some plastic first then decide if it’s rubbish or just bloody awful. As it turned out it’s not that bad, but I really need to practice this painting thing, or I’ll get dripping paint all over my other bitz full of dripping paint.

So I decided to start painting the scouts before assembly, just to see how that’ll go. It goes bad, and some times even worse but I’ll come to that later.

First i primed the Scouts with Undercoat Black:

I say painted the “scouts” but in truth that’s the result of a massacred scout squad, ready for patching up and to be thrown in the field of dismemberment again…

After the basecoating I went ahead and started on the cammo cloaks:

By the way, sorry for the blunder I made with the White Ballance, sometimes I question the decision of spending so much on a camera when I could have saved for more unpainted marines. But I digress…

Next came some detail for the cammo cloaks:

I liked the way these turned out at the time. Now I am pretty sure i need to redo all of it, I’ll have to paint over this cause i realy don’t want to try my hand at removing colours just yet.

I tried how my chosen main colour would look on these scouts:

That red is annoyingly drippy, at least until you learn proper drybrushing (until I learn, but whatever).

Next up I went for painting the pants, and generally the cloth bitz, and I found out that a mix of white and yellow, with the white in a higher measure, is some sickly lemon-like colour, disappointing turnout…

Since that last coat of paint went so well I went ahead and washed that awfulness with Gryphonne Sepia from Citadel, the end result was some sickly orange:

When I realized that this was going from bad to worse I decided to redo the whole thing on them pants and sleeves. I’ll probably go with some variation of cammo on those too.

So I got into Warhammer 40K.

Dawn Of War: Soulstorm dragged me there.

Searching for something to do in my spare time, not related to my computer, pushed me to buy an “Assault on Black Reach Starter Kit”.

The kit contains 5 Space Marines of the Ultramarines fame, complete with arrows and the Omega sign on the shoulders, 6 pots of paint (black, blue, white, silver, gold and red) and a nice paintbrush good for medium surfaces and some detail work.

Now I hadn’t painted in about 12 years at least, from high school art classes to be exact, and you could say I was a bit rusty (I’d say rubbish…), however I started this hopeful I’d get some form of enjoyment out of it. As it turns out I was right to hope, as I greatly enjoy painting those miniatures.

I started with painting only one of the 5 marines, just to see how it will go.

After spray painting the first miniature black I proceeded to actually try to brush some kind of color on it, and I went ahead and made the emperor’s Aquila yellow:

It looked way worse in person than in the photo, apparently I needed to lay several layers of paint to get a nice uniform coat. After adding some more layers to the chest piece all was good. After the starter Yellow I went with the blue to cover all the necessary areas with that, and then added some details (missing WIP pictures). The result was this:

After gaining some experience with the first marine I proceeded to spray paint the rest of them with black paint (from now on clicky on the images to make them bigger):





After the necessary pat on the back from myself for not committing suicide with the spray paint, I proceeded to get the marines blue from head to toe before starting on any kind of detail.

So after getting them blue in the face I added the details and voila:

Dark and gritty

A few words on the box as a whole:

This is a great deal as a gift or as an addition to an Ultramarines army. If you are playing space marines but not Ultramarines and you fancy some conversions to the box you can just file off the Omega sign and the arrow and have a 5 man addition to any Space Marine force.

I found the paint brush included of great quality, it is marked as “Citadel Starter Brush” and it is big enough and small enough for these particular marines.

The paints are Citadel and I am using the Black on other models as well because as it is a basecoat black. Each color included comes in a 4ml pot and it is enough for the 5 marines and then some.

I liked the ease with which I could assemble the miniatures, as the bodies of the marines have pegs on which the missing parts can be easily mounted, all but the shoulder pieces that is. I had trouble with mounting the shoulders as the pegs for them are a little on the long side, i had to trim the tips of the pegs so that the shoulders didn’t have an unaesthetic space between them and the body, but that was minor and the rest of the parts went along with no trouble.

The bases are weird, they have a slot in them where the beam that connects the 2 legs of each marine is meant to go (ya, there’s a beam that connects the marine’s feet together), and that makes them kind of hard to decorate (in my view), I’ll probably decorate these bases when I’ll decorate the bases of the squads I’m working on right now.

Well I learned a bunch of stuff from painting these 5 marines:

– Don’t spray paint indoors

– Before spray painting be absolutely certain the orifice on the spray can is pointing at the miniatures and not at your face

– Don’t inhale when you spray paint, even if you are outdoors

– Don’t pour paint from the pots directly, rather use something to get the paint out on a palette and dilute that paint with a drop of water (I’ll add a post on how to do that later)

– Get at least 2 pots/glasses of water, and clean your brush often

– Dilute your paint or you’ll get clogs on your miniatures

– Yellow/Gold colors have trouble sticking to anything miniature related, but absolutely no trouble sticking to your hands/table/brush/lamp/sink/clothes/rug/floor facepalm (by the way: don’t facepalm yourself after getting yellow on your hands)

– Napkins are good (I love them with soy sauce)